Colonial-Era Village

The Duck Pond area delights visitors with ducks, fish, and geese. Around the Duck Pond is the Colonial-era Village. The Village includes an Old Mill with Water Wheel, an Old Town Meeting House, rustic Covered Bridge, Carriage Shed, and a Blacksmith Shop. Stroll through the many trails featuring an abundance of native habitat recreations. This area of the Park is all-wheel accessible using the pathway through the Asian Garden, or the boardwalk entrance which is located at the Granville Road entrance of the Park.

Meeting House

The Meeting House is a small church-like rustic structure with bench seats, a speaker’s pulpit, and a bell in its cupola dating back to the 1800's. Adjacent to the Meeting House is the old-fashioned Herb Garden, which is realistically landscaped to correspond with the time period. 

The Meeting House can hold 80 comfortably. For our weddings in other locations in the Park, in the event of rain, it serves as our indoor wedding location.

Mill House

The Mill House is a working mill.  The cascading waterfall behind the building flows down the slouth, which supplies power for the waterwheel. This area of the Duck Pond is where the memorial to "Ozzie" the duck can be found.

Blacksmith Shop

The Blacksmith Shop is a reproduction of the type of shop that was located in several communities in earlier times. Inside the shop there are a forge, bellows, and an anvil. All are authentic to the era.

Covered Bridge

The Goodrich bridge is an authentic replica covered bridge, using a Town's Lattice Truss design. The bridge is officially listed with the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges.

Carriage Shed

Carriage Shed

The Carriage Shed is a replica from the Colonial Era. It has been recently refurbished with brand-new siding, roof & cupola.

Duck Pond

The Duck Pond, is the centerpiece to our Colonial-era Village. The Duck Pond is a natural spring pond and is the home to ducks, fish, our swan and the occasional visiting heron.