Get Your Westfield 350th Anniversary Celebration Book at Stanley Park!

The Westfield 350th Anniversary Celebration souvenir book is still available to purchase at Stanley Park's Main Office & Development Offices. As a final gift to the city from the Westfield 350 Committee, the book is being discounted at only $10 per copy. The $10 will remain at Stanley Park as a donation.

Directions to the Stanley Park Main & Development Offices: Enter the Park through Gate 1 near the Tennis Courts (across from the Woodward Center). Drive through the parking lot and continue toward the white barn. The Main Office is the little white house. The Development Office is in the barn with a sign over the door. Parking is available in front of the barn or in the small parking lot near the barn. Winter Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Thank you!!

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