Memorials & Monuments

Stanley Park is known for it's beauty, but as you wander the Park you will notice a number of monuments & memorials. As a refuge of physical and spiritual beauty, we honor those who have served & worked for Stanley Home Products and Stanley Park; as well as Veterans, families and friends from our community.

Carillon Tower

Bells are ringing at The Stanley Park Carillon Tower. Completed in 1950, the tower was dedicated to world peace in a national broadcast ceremony. The structure is faced with Indiana limestone and is 98 feet high, topped by a gold leaf dome.

Its imposing bronze doors are decorated with 14 relief sculptures portarying various aspects of the Park and Stanley Home Products, as well as profiles of Frank Stanley Beveridge and Catherine L. O'Brien. The map in front of the tower measures 23 feet by 30 feet, and is composed of multicolored New York slate.

View our Events page to see when the next Carillon Concert is featuring the Carillon Bells.

Veterans' Memorial

In 2009, Former Director Bob McKean and Bob Vogel, Sr., discussed the possibility of having a memorial at Stanley Park.  With approval from the Stanley Park Board of Directors the Veterans' Memorial was built. The memorial honors the 5 Branches of Service (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard) along with the Merchant Marines, and was dedicated on September 26, 2010.  

We continue to add Honor Bricks.  Anyone can honor a Veteran, from anywhere in the country, by purchasing an honor brick.  The funds from the sale of these tributes goes to the perpetual care of this memorial. For more information, please visit the Support Stanley Park page.

Angel of Independence

This monument was a gift from Stanley Home Products sales persons from Mexico on October 25, 1958. The monument is a Replica of the statue Placido de lareforma in Mexico City which stands for Liberty and Freedom. The base is Vermont Marble and stands 30 feet tall.

Shrine Area

The Shrine Area houses two shrines donated to the Park and is located next to the Acre Lawn.

Our Lady of Fatima was dedicated on September 21, 1952. Hand built by Rocco Calegari – a native Westfield resident. Rocco donated his time and labor in memory of his son, Otto Bono, who died in the Korean Conflict in 1951. The stone that makes up the Shrine was drawn from the bed of a nearby river.

Statue of St. Fiacre – St. Fiacre, long recognized in France as the patron saint of animals, birds, and gardeners, has become the patron of American gardens as well.

Louie Liptak Memorial

Louie Liptak Memorial

The Louie Liptak Memorial is in honor of Louis Liptak, Sr., and his wife, Margaret Liptak. Louis Liptak, Sr. was the former manager of the Beveridge Pavilion and The Acre Lawn during that era.

Margaret Lane Memorial

Margaret Lane Memorial

Margaret Lane Memorial honors Miss Catherine O'Brien's mother, Margaret.

This area is near the "main" entrance to the Park (Gate 2) and near Miss O'Brien's homestead land that she donated to the Park.

Foster Goodrich Memorial

Foster Goodrich Memorial

This memorial was originally dedicated and located at the Stanley Home Products office building on Western Avenue (now part of Westfield State University). The memorial was moved to Stanley Park and is now nestled in the wooded pines next to the Duck Pond. It is dedicated to Foster E. Goodrich, Chairman of the Board of Stanley Home Products. It was presented to Stanley Park by the US and Canada Stanley Sales Division.

Eternal Light

Eternal Light

The Rotary Eternal Light for Peace was donated and dedicated by the Westfield Rotary Club on May 24, 1964.

Catherine L. O’Brien Memorial

The land on which the Tea House and its gardens are located was donated to Stanley Park by Stanley Home Products co-founder, Miss Catherine L. O'Brien. Her home once stood where the Western Avenue entrance to the park is now. The Catherine O'Brien Memorial sits nestled in the Asian Garden next to the Tea House.