Stanley Park Gardens & Greenhouses

Frank Stanley Beveridge founded Stanley Park as a refuge of physical and spiritual beauty. We continue Mr. Beveridge's legacy with numerous gardens throughout the Park for our patrons to stroll and enjoy. From the award winning Rose Garden, to the more contemplative Asian and Herb gardens, we have gardens for everyone to enjoy.

Rose Garden

The Stanley Park Rose & Flower Garden has over 30 varieties of roses and several hundred rose bushes which grace the garden. Included is a variety of spectacular annual and perennial gardens.

The Rose & Flower Garden peak season is mid-June through September.

Asian Garden

A pathway of ancient, water worn stones will lead you through alpine conifers, rhododendron, azaleas, and flowering deciduous shrubs to a Japanese Tea House.

Asian Garden peak season: Mid-May through mid-June.


The Stanley Park Greenhouse is located in our barn. The Greenhouse was built in 1959 and grows over 4,000 annuals for use in the Park.

Arboretum fountain


The Arboretum is a three-acre site featuring a collection of trees and shrubs in a setting, embellished with a 30-foot fountain showing an ever changing display of water.

Woodland Wildflower Garden

The Stanley Park Woodland Wildflower Garden, recipient of the Homer Lucas Public Landscaping Award in 2008 by the New England Wildflower Society, features nearly 200 species of wildflowers and ferns native to North America, each with interpretive signage featuring: Common name, Botanical name, Family name, Region of origin, and Season of blossom. Founded in 1988 by curators, Charlie Spencer, and the late Edward F. Piela, for whom the garden is named, the Stanley Park Woodland Wildflower Garden reaches peak blossom in early May.

Rhododendron Display Garden

Sponsored by the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, with hundreds of rare species ablaze with color. The Rhododendron Display Garden peak season is Mid-May through early June.

Herb Garden meeting house

Herb Garden

Numerous varieties of fragrant, culinary, and medicinal herbs are found here.

Evelyn B. Rose Garden flowers

Evelyn B. Rose Garden

The Evelyn B. Rose Garden was established in loving memory of Evelyn B. Caswell Russell by her three children.

Dorothy Perkins Garden flowers with chairs

Dorothy Perkins Garden

This garden is named in honor of Dorothy Perkins, the wife of Homer Perkins. Mr. Perkins was one of Frank Stanley Beveridge's right hand men and later became President of Stanley Home Products. 

Enchanted Oak tree

Enchanted Oak

Believed to be over 200 years old, this Oak Tree had a special meaning for Frank Stanley Beveridge. He felt that its majestic presence symbolized strength, endurance and perseverance; as well as representing the highest of human qualities and those of nature. In the late 1940’s, Mr. Beveridge noticed that the Oak showed signs of decay. He commissioned specialists to cut out the diseased sections and patch them with cement, in an effort to save the tree. Mr. Beveridge’s faith in nature was confirmed. The Enchanted Oak survived and, even today, continues to grow. It serves as an inspiration to all to strive to overcome, and to succeed, in spite of difficulties.

The Enchanted Oak is located between the Beveridge Pavilion and the Wildflower Garden.

Cathy's Garden & Gazebo

This tranquil and secluded garden overlooks the Duck Ponds. Cathy's Garden was a gift given to Stanley Park in memory of Cathy Bean Street, Esq, dedicated June 20, 1992.