Sound Bath Meditation with Jolie Therrien

Location: Evelyn B. Rose Garden

This event is repeated every 4 weeks until Sep 18, 2024. The next event will take place on . until Sep 18, 2024.

All are welcome to join us in the Evelyn B. Rose Garden for a Sound Bath Meditation led by Jolie Therrien of Hazy Cosmic Jive Healing.

Donations to the Park are welcome, with a suggested donation of $5 per person per class.

What is Sound Bath Meditation?

  • A sound bath uses musical instruments to create a relaxing meditation experience. In general, a sound bath is a meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves. Just as a typical bath involves a person immersing themselves in water, a sound bath attempts to immerse a person in sound, so they feel enveloped in it. In most cases, the bath involves singing bowls, which are small bell-like instruments that create a resonant tone when a person strikes them.
  • Benefits of a sound bath include relaxation, stress reduction, improved mood and well-being and improved sleep. You may also experience a feeling of rejuvenation, heightened focus and energy.

This event is taking place outdoors, be sure to bring water, dress comfortably, and bring an extra layer as meditation can lower your body temperature. You will also want to bring with you a pillow, blanket and/or yoga mat to lay on or a chair. Whatever you will bring you the most comfort and relaxation during the session.


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